Tuesday, January 20, 2015

San Antonio Reunion K-Town

K-Town '50s-'60s Reunion

Monday, May 4th, 
Tuesday, May 5th, 
Wednesday, May 6th, 
Thursday May 7th.
The rate is $119 a night. This includes 2 breakfasts per room per day. The rate is guaranteed until April 19th. For 2 days before and after if available when booked.
Warren Hopkins, aka, Hoppy for getting it going. We all need to pitch in with thanks, plus suggestions, ideas, etc that anyone has to add to our upcoming great REUNION. Information is from Warren's original email.

Book early if you plan on an early arrival or a late departure.
They will comp the hospitality room.
We can stock our own supplies.
The hotel provides valet parking for $18 a day.
There is free parking on 9th Street.
The boats that operate on the river stop at the hotel and are wheel-chair accessible.

The only money needed to be collected in advance is for supplies for the hospitality room. A registration fee of $15 per person.  Please send it to Warren as soon as possible.
If you pay and can't attend, he will refund unless it has already been spent.

Please forward this to every KTOWN person on your E-mail list.  A telephone call wouldn't hurt either. Even snail-mail.
Hoppy's email, home addresses and phone number are in the email I'm sending to the K-town group on my contact list with a link to this reunion info. This is public, and I didn't want to give that info out.

Contact the hotel directly to make your reservation and tell them you are with the K-town reunion group.
www.wyndham.com/hotels21563  103 9th StreetSan Antonio, TX 78215

Check out some 
San Antonio Sights to See

Here's some info on culture and the arts while we are there.
Culture and the Arts

For the shoppers among us, I checked out some places to shop.

I'll be adding more things to see and do so be sure to bookmark or save this Blog.